Sip a healthy Summer thirst quencher

Our hibiscus drinks are made from the petals of organic hibiscus flowers. The plant is originally from Africa and now it thrives in tropical countries around the world. This means hibiscus drinks have been enjoyed in many sunny climates for thousands of years making it the ideal summer thirst quencher here in the UK.

Our hibiscus infused drinks are inspired by a family recipe for Wonjo, a traditional Gambian drink that you might have enjoyed if you’ve ever been on holiday there. It is also known as bissap and zobo in other parts of West Africa, sorrel in the Caribbean, Aqua de Jamaica in Mexico and karkade in Egypt where it is said to have been the favourite drink of the Pharoahs!

Caffeine-free and made without any artificial ingredients, the 100% natural drinks are a tastebud tantalising option the whole family can enjoy

When the temperature rises, our hibiscus drinks are the healthy summer drink to reach for. Caffeine-free and made without any artificial ingredients, the 100% natural drinks are a tastebud tantalising option the whole family can enjoy. All the drinks are made without the use of artificial additives, preservatives or colourings and are made with organic and fair trade ingredients.

The rich, naturally ruby red colour is a feast for the eyes so serve at summer social gatherings as a healthier alternative to wine or alcohol. Or why not add to a fruit punch for a tantalising twist. The hibiscus drinks can be enjoyed on their own, when you’re out and about or why not serve alongside food. 

Chosan Pure Hibiscus has a tart rhubarb-like taste that works particularly well with picnic foods and fiery flavours. Chosan Hibiscus with Refreshing Mint works well with salads, seafood and helps cool down spicy flavours. Chosan Hibiscus with Fiery Ginger is great with Jerk Chicken, barbecued foods and aromatic flavours. Hibiscus, ginger and mint all have a long history of supporting the digestive system, so these drinks also make a great choice as after dinner beverages.

There’s a heatwave coming so make sure you are stocked up on our healthy summer drink! Drop us a mail for your local stockist.

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